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10 Best Cigars In The World 2017

10 Best Cigars in the World


It’s a question that could keep cigar aficionados talking for hours: what is the best cigar in the world?


Honestly, there is no definitive answer. We’ve all got our individual preferences and that’s why we spend hours searching, reading and discussing when we buy cigars online or head to the local cigar shop.


But, members of the International Cigar Association did take a vote on the subject and that’s about as close to a complete answer that you’re like to get.


So what are the 10 best cigars in the world?



1. Gurkha Cigars Cellar Reserve 15-Year

Price: $163.99 for 24

Gurkha 15 year reserve cigars


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Yes, the best cigar in the world is from the Dominican Republic.


It’s hardly a well-kept secret that Cuba really doesn’t have the monopoly on the world’s best cigars and that it’s Caribbean neighbor has an even better selection.


This Gurkha Cigars cellar reserve is basically flawless and scored 99 out of 100 on the empirical scoring scale.


You get tobacco aged for 15 years, an oily 1998 wrapper and Dominican filler. You also get a wooden box that adds a subtle flavor all of its own.


This Dominican Republic cigar is the best in the world and if you want to really impress your cigar connoisseur friends then just pull out this box and watch their face light up.


Considering the reputation of this formidable cigar, the price is solid too.



Davidoff Nicaragua Toro cigars, some of the best cigars in the world

2. Davidoff Nicaragua Toro 96

Price: $214.32 Box of 12


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Does Cuba have the world’s best cigars? Again, we have a pretty clear answer. That’s because the second best cigar in the world hails from Nicaragua.


The legendary Davidoff cigar brand uses a 100% pure Nicaraguan blend that combines a 10-year-old Habana Seed Nicaragua Rosado wrapper, a Jalapa binder and a filler blend that includes Ometepe, Condega and Esteli.


Davidoff has a global reputation, but there’s no disputing the fact that it went off the boil in recent times.


With the Nicaragua Toro 96, Davidoff is back with a bang.


It’s an expensive cigar, but any cigar aficionado will tell you that it is money well spent.





La Flor Dominicana corona

3. La Flor Dominicana Coronado Corona Especial

Price: $165.99 box of 18


It’s back to the Dominican Republic for the third best cigar in the world. This beautiful cigar has a Dominican Sumatra core, combined with Piloto Cubano long fillers and it’s all wrapped ina Dominican Corojo leaf and a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper.


Yes, this one is cigars international, but it works and this unusual recipe has created one of the world’s finest cigars.



Affinity Corona cigars, some of the best in the world

4. Sindicato Affinity Corona

Price: $124.95. Box of 21.


The Sindicato Affinity comes with a delicate, even fragile Connecticut Seed wrapper that is produced in Ecuador by tobacco legend John Oliva.


Inside, you get a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco that provides a rich and flavorful smoke.


It’s another international cigar effort and one the respective countries should be truly proud of.



Hoyo de Monterrey, the best Cuban cigar

5. Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona

Price: $109.95/ Box of 25


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Finally, a Cuban cigar makes it on the list of the world’s best.


This handrolled special comes from the town of San Luis y Martinez in the legendary Vuelta Abajo tobacco region.


It’s a delicate Habano with a full aroma and complexity. They come in smaller gauges, but the mighty Double Corona is the company’s calling card.



Padron 1964 Maduro cigars

6. Padron 1964

Price: $229.99/ Box of 25

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This classic from Padron comes in a natural or Maduro wrapper and it’s an unashamedly complex cigar that combines the flavors of coffee beans, earth, cocoa and a hint of hazelnut.


The tobacco is aged for four years after a box pressing.


It was originally designed to celebrate the company’s 30th birthday, but it has gone on to become one of its signature cigars.



Gurkha heritage cigars

7. Gurkha Cigars Heritage

Price: $280. Box of 35


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Yes, it’s back to the Dominican Republic and Gurkha Cigars, although the company has used an Ecuadorian grown Habano wrapper and the cigar is actually produced in Nicaragua.


It also features a Nicaraguan binder and a blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Pennsylvanian fillers.


This cigar is medium bodied and you can order it in any one of three sizes. But, when it comes to this cigar, go big or go home right?


Inevitably it is hand rolled and it combines flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and a variety of spices.



Buy Diamond Crown Maximus Double Corona Online

8. Diamond Crown Maximus Double Corona

Price: $164.99. Box of 20.

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It’s another Dominican Republic cigar, at least the filler is.


You get a wrapper from El Bajo in Ecuador and the final result is a full-bodied cigar with a smooth flavor with definite hints of cedar spice and espresso coffee.



Perdomo Maduro 20th anniversary buy online

9. Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro Corona Grande

Price: $189.99/ Box of 24

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Box pressed Nicaraguan tobacco combines with Nicaraguan long fillers, binders and a Maduro wrapper. The flavor profile is advanced and you get cocoa, coffee, pepper and Earth. Some experts even claim there’s a hint of leather, which is weird…



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10. Monticristo Espada

Price: $214.99/ Box of 25

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A Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, binder and filler combine to create a rich and powerful cigar to round out the list.
You get hints of maple, raisins, coffee, oak and an earthy flavor that marks this cigar apart. It’s not the best, but it is still one of the best cigars in the world.


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