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111-Year-Old’s Secret To Long Life: Cigars And Scotch

Cigars and scotch are healthy now?


A 111-year-old veteran has put his long life down to a careful diet of cigars and scotch whisky.


Austin resident Richard Overton is the toast of the town and the Mayor has even given him his own day. The street he lived on for the past 45 years has also been given the honorary name: Richard Overton Avenue.


Overton claims he still feels good, although he is ‘pretty old’.


The veteran enlisted in the army in his 30s and served at Pearl Harbor after the Japanese attack.


He has already been honored by President Barack Obama at a Veterans Day ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetary.


So, you heard it here first. Cigars and Scotch are the keys to a long and happy life. It might not  be true, but let’s just pretend for  a while.

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