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Electronic Humidor Review: NewAir CC-400

NewAir CC-400 Electronic Humidor - Keep the best cigars in the world in luxury


You’re a cigar connoisseur or you wouldn’t be here. So you don’t need us to tell you how important it is to store your cigars the right way.

Because it doesn’t matter if you buy the best cigars in the world. You can literally plunder Cuba and the Dominican Republic and pay $100 a stick.

If you then let them dry out, or store them in a moldy garage, then you might as well buy the bargain bucket packs at your local store.

Cigar mold and cigar plume can wreck thousands of dollars worth of premium cigars and even put your health in danger.

So, every self-respecting cigar connoisseur should have a humidor.

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Electronic Humidor Review: Modern Tech Beats Old-School Water

Yes, you can go traditional and get a wooden box or cabinet-style humidor with a water chamber.

But even they are subject to temperature and humidity variances that can have an impact on the flavor.

Modern technology offers us the chance to move beyond the old-school.

Now, whatever the conditions in your house, garage or mancave, your cigars can stay in perfect conditions all year round.

Electronic Humidor Review: Buy Cigars In Bulk, They’ll Wait

That means this humidor will pay for itself, as you can buy cigars online in bulk and save money in the process.

You can store up to 400 cigars in this electronic humidor, which means you’ve got space for the top shelf beauties and your every day smokes.

If 400 is too many, you can order the smaller humidor that comes with space for 250 cigars.

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Electronic Humidor Review: Cedarwood Repels Cigar Beetles

It is built from sturdy steel and cedarwood, which is famous for repelling the dreaded cigar beetles.

Ornate shelves sit in front of a glass door and you get blue LED lighting, too, as well a built-in hygrometer that will help you monitor and change the humidity in seconds.


Electronic Humidor Review: Avoid Cigar Mold And Plume

That will help you avoid cigar mold and cigar plume.

There’s no alchemy, there’s no science and there’s no messing about. Just change the temperature and humidity at the touch of a button.

It measures 29” x 18” x 29”, so it’s compact enough to take pride of place on a table or benchtop. It looks good enough to take pride of place in your home or mancave, too.

So if you love cigars, then you need this electronic humidor in life.

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