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Think ‘S***hole’ Is Bad? Remember Oral Sex And Cigars?


‘It’s pretty embarrassing when you have to take your children out of the room to report the news,’ Senator Lindsey Graham said on Monday.


Senator John McCain’s put-upon associate was protesting Trump’s alleged use of the word shithole to descibe Haiti and some African nations. Now it turns out he might not have said it, only implied it, but the media circus has gone ballistic anyway.


CNN used the term 200 times within 24 hours to truly express its outrage, according to Newsbusters.


And the sheer hand-wringing pain we’ve heard from one word is frankly unbelievable.


Amy Siskind, head of The New Agenda and an LGBT activist, bemoaned the word. ‘Thing is, if a middle school student said ‘s***hole’ in class, he or she would face consequences — and yet, yet again, Donald Trump faces none. Think of the lessons he is teaching our children in bullying, bigotry, lying and hate. Will take decades to repair,’ she wrote on Twitter.


Are we really this weak that a word can send us into swooning palpatations? Well it wasn’t always the case…


When Bill Clinton’s sexploits with Monica Lewinsky filled the White House, we learned all about oral sex and had to wonder out loud whether sticking a Ghurka cigar inside a woman before smoking it had an impact on the flavor.


Clinton got a pass, because he was a liberal. Now, would he face the full wrath of the #metoo brigade? Or would he still get a pass because of his liberal views?


We still remember the cigar thing. It sticks in our mind for obvious reasons. We also have Haitian friends that still want to know about the missing Clinton Foundation billions that could maybe have turned Haiti into ‘not a shithole’.


And we are struggling to balance the moral outrage of today with what we know for a fact happened yesterday with a different ruler in power.


But that’s our political comment for now, we’re going to kick back with a Dominican maduro, raise a glass to Haiti and face the honest truth: It is a bit of a shithole. But it might actually be the liberals’ fault.




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