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Roll Your Own Cigars at Camp Camacho


Some people just love the idea of a working vacation. So, if you’re so in love with cigars that you want to be part of the process, you can join Camacho cigars at Camp Camacho in Honduras this Spring.


From February to April, Camp Camacho will welcome vistors and give them a tour of the tobacco fields, farms and the whole support industry that goes into creating the perfect cigar. Then you get to roll your own signature blend, stay in a 12-room guest house and generally enjoy the high life.


It’s the first time in 10 years that the company has offered the trip and this four-day, three-night extravaganza promises to be manna from heaven for cigar aficionados.


The trip includes a factory tour, a seminar in the art of handrolling and tobacco blending, a rum and cigar pairing session and a visit to the local national park. Ziplining and other high-octane activities are available, or you can just soak up the surroundings.


Camacho is now a sub-brand of Oettinger Davidoff Group and it specialises in big, bold and distinct national flavors. Recent creations include the Nicaraguan Barrel Aged and BXP Ecuado range.



Camp Camacho Curing Barn

Camp Camacho Curing Barn Photo: Courtesy Camp Camacho

The trip costs $650 per person, plus a booking fee. You’ll have to make your own way to Honduras, but once you touch down on the island then that covers all transfers.


Head to eventbrite.com for more information and booking info.



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