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Country Is More Important Than Brand With Cigars

When it comes to getting the perfect cigar, the country you opt for is far more important than the actual brand.


Here in the Dominican Republic, visitors that try the local house cigars back-to-back with the best Cubans generally come back and make a big order for the house blend. They’re less than a third of the price and they’re a better, Earthier smoke.


The Dominican Republic has some amazing cigar companies, including Gurkha, which has won pretty much every award going. But the Dominican Republic isn’t the only country to look out for.


Get the country, rather than the brand


Cigars from Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and, of course, Cuba, tend to be among the best in the world.


Cuban cigars are not the best  in the world by default, though, and a lot of their allure is down to marketing hype and the fact they were so difficult to get hold of in the US.


Rarity and exclusivity has replaced simple quality and Cuban cigars have developed their own folklore. But they’ve largely  been left behind by the Dominican Republic’s best.


You can get off-brand cigars from these countries that will destroy the best of the best from other regions. The soil is better, the conditions are better and the tobacco is simply a higher quality.


Add decades of experience ageing tobacco and it’s fair to say that the established masters in these locations have a almost unassailable advantage.


Each country tends to have its own style and the best way to really experience each one is to order a sampler pack of the best cigars.

Thompson Cigar has great introductory sampler packs that can save you wasting fortunes on boxes of highly-rated cigars you just don’t gel with. They also increase the odds of a chance encounter with an off-brand cigar that you just adore.


So try it, order a sampler pack today and find something really new.


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