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The 6 Most Expensive Cigars Money Can Buy


For true connoisseurs and the wealthy, no expense is spared in getting the perfect smoke.


Some people just want the best of the best and tick the boxes off their collection, occasionally sharing their best cigars with friends and business associates.


Others will savor each mouthful of flavor from the very best the world has to offer, with a Scotch, on their own.


This is the target market for the very best, the top end cigars with serious price tags.


So what are the 6 most expensive cigars out there on the open market?



6. Louixs

Price: $50


This is a solid 90-minute smoke, but you can’t really justify the high price point with the minutes you’ll get out of it.


No, you have to accept that you’re paying for Cuban experience and Nicaraguan tobacco, which might just be the perfect combination right now.


It’s a gateway drug into the world of high-end cigars, though, and you might find yourself joining the elite after smoking one of these.



5. Arturo Fuente Opus X ‘A’

Price: $79


This is a hard-to-find cigar, even at full retail. It’s one of the finest cigars that the Dominican Republic has to offer, which means it is still easier to get them than the most elusive Cuban brands thanks to the wonder of free trade.


They still trade for up to three times the sticker price in boutique cigar stores, though, so people are seriously paying $200 a stick and beyond for this 95 rating cigar.


This cigar is a medium strength Dominican puro with five-year-old tobacco. It comes infused with earthy, peppery, spices, cedar, caramel and even cream.


In ‘A’  form it is an epic nine inches long, too. It is a true power cigar, but you can get a smaller version.


You can get awesome deals when you buy cigars online, but you’ll have to plan ahead, stock up and store one of the very best cigars in the world.


This $99.99 Arturo Fuente sampler pack contains an Opus X and nine more stellar cigars. We think it’s a bargain and makes $200 a stick sound a little crazy.






4. Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario

Price: $163

These cigars were produced to celebrate Arturo Fuente and 100 years in business.


They were made from the absolute finest Dominican tobacco and they will cost up to $7,500 a box of 46.


The cigars were made in 2001 and simply never got sold. So they sat in the Arturo Fuente aging room and will now come with a special edition humidor.


That really doesn’t cover the huge bill, but the cigars come with a stoy attached and they will be some of the best medium cigars you have ever smoked.








3. Cohibe Behike

Price: $470


These Cohibes are obviously the real deal, from Cuba. That means they’re probably more expensive than they should be, as getting them out of the island nation has jacked up the price.


Trade with Cuba is easier these days. But people are still paying tens of thousands of dollars for a box of these special editions that were made to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary.


It only sold 100 boxes, so they’re trading well over the odds and they would have been a sweet investment if you could have avoided lighting up.







2. Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve

Price: $750


This Dominican Republic boutique cigar manufacturer consistently knocks it out of the park in the best cigar in the world competition.


Cigar Aficionado rates its cellar reserve as the best in the world, but this is another level altogether. This is the absolute best of the best. Almost. But we’ll get to that in a moment.


The wrappers are aged for 15 years and the binding tobacco is a 12-year vintage. The company only makes 100 boxes a year and it has a waiting list that stretches for years. Yes, people are queuing up to drop $15,000 on a box of cigars. They are that good.


Bill Clinton is apparently a repeat customer and you’ll need to move in those circles to get these cigars in the first place.





1. Gurkha Black Dragon

Price: $1150


A box of 20 of these cigars will seriously set you back $23,000.


You can buy cars for less.


Yes, they come in individual frosted tubes and the box is orange velvet clad leather. But then that’s the least you’d expect for this kind of investment.


You also get Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrappers that contain the very best Cameroon binders and Dominican filler tobacco, aged and blended as only Gurkha know how.


Even if you wanted to live on these, you couldn’t. There is a waiting list that stretches for years and if you’re lucky enough to get a box then these have to be ‘life event’ cigars.


It’s a 52 gauge, 8.5-inch cigar, a power cigar that probably isn’t worth that much more than the standard Gurkha cigars on sale online. But it is the absolute best, people are prepared to pay and more power to them.



Save a Fortune, Get The Same Brands


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You won’t quite have the last degree in quality that you get with these world beating cigars. But you will have the heritage of the brands and a quality cigar that you simply might not have experienced.


So get a sampler pack from the world’s best brands and discover something new!

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